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What To Wear With Your a Hair: Wool Shake by Redken

February 22, 2014

What’s to love? Gives hair a beachy textured result. If you don’t mind feeling products in your hair you’ll love this stuff. It’s giver volume to fine hair and style to super pin straight hair.

Who’s it for? Fine hair, wavy hair, straight hair….. Anyone really that wants the above results

How to use it Shake well! It’s a gel like consistency, a little heavy.
For fine hair, you can spray on the roots on damp hair and blow dry buoy will definitely get result and feel the texture right away. Another way to use it is spray directly on your hands and run it through or scrunch it in your hair, especially for wavy hair.
Fit pin straight hair, spray on damp/dry hair, mid shaft to ends and watch the texture form.

Check it out here…Redken Wool Shake

Xoxo, Azelle


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