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How To Get Soft Beach Waves Tutorial

November 10, 2015

Soft Beach Waves


So many of my clients ask how I do my soft beach wave curls, I finally made a video! Hope it helps! Here are a list of the products and tools I use pretty much all the time


Kenra Hot Spray– protects hair from heat

Kenra Silkening Mist– weightless shine that smells yummy!

Wet Brush – Key tool to giving it a soft look. Used on wet hair to help detangle (amazing!), but I use after curling on dry hair to blend the curls

BabyLiss Pro Nano Titanium Curling Iron– 1 1/4″ I loove this iron!!


Step by Step:

  1. on dry hair spray Kenra Hot Spray
  2. Part hair in half from center part down to nape and place on each side of shoulders
  3. section hair away (from bottom to top of crown)
  4. take medium amount of hair and curl AWAY from face
  5. continue until one side of your hair is done
  6. repeat on opposite side
  7. spray Kenra Silkening Mist all throughout for shine
  8. ***KEY to soft waves*** brush hair with wet brush :)




Azelle Santa Ana



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Poison Ivy Halloween Makeup

October 30, 2015



Another part of my Comic Series, Poison Ivy!
Again the most important part is the color and the black lines.

That is what makes it more cartoon like oh and

of course the contacts are a big deal too :)



Products used:

Kryolan and Ben Nye Face Paints

Glue Stick from Target

Colored Contacts

Colored Hair Spray

Fake Leaves

Lashes from Fright Night Glam

Baby Powder




  1. Cover brows with glue stick, wait to dry.
  2. Then cover with white Ben Nye Clown Cake
  3. Set with Baby powder
  4. Using a neon green face paint from Kryolan neon palette, pat all over the face to shade face green.
  5.  Paint eye brows with an orange face paint.
  6. I used a bright melon gold pigment for my eyeshadow.
  7. Used black gel eyeliner for my eyeliner and to create lines around my face
  8. Lashes are from mesmerizing, fright night glam.
  9. color lips with a liquid matte lipstick
  10. apply yellow contacts
  11. spray hair orange using be wild jerome russell sprays.
  12. then make a leaf crown. :)
  13. shade and color in neck line with black face paint
  14. have funDSC04173

Wonder Woman

October 29, 2015



Wonder Woman Makeup Tutorial

How cool is this look?

I always have a favorite one and  this year its Wonder Woman!




Products used:

Contacts I purchased from a little boutique online, I have heard crazy things about contacts on the market right now so I would be very careful on where you purchase these.

For my face paint I used products form Kryolan, Ben Nye Makeup and Wolf Bros.


Hair Color Spray I used Jerome Russell Be Wild Spray.




To see the exact steps and everything I used check out my Youtube video below.


Tim Burton Cheshire Cat

October 29, 2015



Last year I turned myself into Cheshire Cat. But never had time to share the products I used.

Below is the florescent palette I used to get all the color on my face.

Kryolan UV Da Glow Palette

After using this palette, I also used Florescent eye shadows to set and

blend the face paint.








To get the bright colors for my hair I used:

Jerome Russell Color Hair Spray 






Salon Perfect Lashes- Demi Wispies -SavvySpice blog makeup tutorial


For my lashes I doubled up some Demi Wispies from Salon Perfect. 

Screen Shot 2015-10-29 at 11.22.12 AM


Have an Amazing Halloween!!!

  • Alana Dawn
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Black Cat Comic Halloween Tutorial

October 28, 2015




This year I got super inspired to create Halloween Makeup looks, looking like Im straight out of a comic! My son is super into comics so of course I had to create these looks for him. I asked him which one I should do first and he said Black Cat. So here it is.



Products Used:

You can typically find these face paints at any halloween store.

for all the black paint, I either used black eyeliner from MAC or face paint (which is a little easier to control) Krylon Palette I got from Naimies. 

Lips: Merlot Lipstick from Dose Of Colors, you want to get a long lasting lipstick so it doesn’t smear throughout your night.

Contacts are from

Wig is from a Halloween store, cost about $20.00

Brushes: I always use brushes from Morphe Brushes.


Watch the step by step video to create this Halloween Look!

-Love you guys!

-Alana Dawn

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How to get large waves

October 21, 2015

Just want to share my new favorite crimper! I have super stick straight hair and love having body and movement. I have always wanted the Shakira curls, or the crimped look, but not permanent! I found this large crimper that gives me the deep waves I have always wanted! It’s by Hot Tools, a well known beauty brand with lots of beauty tools.

Here’s a quick video of the deep waves:

and you can get it here:

Hot Tools Ceramic Tourmaline Deep Waver Styling Iron

How to get big waves


  1. on dry hair spray heat protectant, I use Kenra Professionals Heat Protectant
  2. Bring all your hair to each side, left ear and right ear.
  3. Section hair, use clip, this allows you to be able to curl all your hair without missing any. Sometimes if I don’t section my hair, i’ll have straight strands I miss.
  4. After completely curling everything, run your fingers through and loosen!




Azelle Santa Ana


Simple Single Side Braid

September 16, 2015

Single Side Braid

Here’s an idea to do with your hair when you don’t just want to leave it down. I will be doing more quick tip videos for hairstyles to give ideas on styling your hair and how to do certain styles. Hope you like them!

  1. Curl your hair first
  2. Braid one side and pin back


Azelle Santa Ana

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Dry Shampoo Beauty Tip

September 3, 2015

dry shampoo tutorial dry shampoo video



Dry shampoo….a girl’s best friend! This is just a quick tip if you’re new to using dry shampoos. Originally people would put powder or baking soda in their hair if it was too greasy, the powder absorbs all the excess oils. Now, we have it conveniently in aerosol bottles. Has similar effect of powder, so don’t be scared if it sprays white. It was probably sprayed a little too much, or too close or just the type of product you have. And that’s totally okay. Just comb through and it will blend right in. You will notice oil absorb, slight texture and some volume

Dry shampoos are great for keeping you from washing your hair all the time, which drys out your hair. It absorbs oil, gives volume and texture! And perfect for all you gym goers!

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Empower and Pamper

May 7, 2015

This past Saturday, May 2nd, we had our first women’s Empower & Pamper event. We were able to team up with Dawn from First Love Church in Costa Mesa. We had close to 40 women in need attend.

Our goal is to Empower & Pamper; Give back what we can with our beauty skills as well as strengthening the heart and mind.

We started the day with some songs from Jenn Dietz. An uplifting message from our good friend Loli, she is such an amazing woman! Not only is she a beautician & mortician, she spends her time uplifiting & strengthening women in prisons and affected by sex trafficking. So grateful for her time with us! We also had a lash bar, polish bar and braids/curls bar. Super thankful for all of our friends that helped out with our event and giving their time and skill to these women.

Thank you to Grace Pae, Karissa, Kim Le, Penelope Vazquez, Jessica Kreuger, Loli, Dawn & her husband & Chelsea and to Bonita Colors, Duo Adhesive and Salon Perfect for donating goodies!

Empower & Pamper 1 unnamed-1 unnamed-2

Empower & Pamper video

Influence: Where's Your "heart"?

Makeup Monday- Influence: Where’s Your Heart?

April 6, 2015

Hey Guys!


So today’s post is going to be a little bit different. We wanted to feature other artists who we are influenced by.  Its no secret that I just recently got Certified as a Makeup Artist. The Course was so much fun and I was seriously so blessed to have instructor that I did. Dominique (@Dominiqueldr  on instagram) is part of a group called Batalash. As an Instructor, Dom will push you to constantly strive for better. When I say Push, I Mean PUSH! Lol. She will make you start over and over until you get it right. I absolutely hated this at first, it was so frustrating. As weeks went by and I started to see my progress,  I grew a deep appreciation for her critique.

As An artist Dominique pushes the boundaries of what people perceive  as “Pretty.” Her passion for the art of makeup radiates in all of her work. If i could describe her work in 3 words it would be: Flawless, Edgy and Alluring. Here is some of her work:

FullSizeRender (2) FullSizeRender (1) FullSizeRender

We Asked Dom Some questions about herself and below is her questionnaire. I hope you take a minute to check her out, she’s a truly talented artist.


How/when did you get started? I have always had a passion for art – a passion that was supported by my parents who always encouraged me to use my talents. I have since played around with different media, makeup being the latest.


What was that aha moment that made you realize this is you? I was the most reluctant to open an Instagram account, but as soon as I did, the feedback was positive and so many doors have opened. That was my affirmation.

Top 3 Must Haves for your Kit?
MUFE Flash Palette, Cozzette and Sigma brushes, Cinema Secrets brush cleaner.

What’s In Your Purse?
In my purse: my wallet, keys, a day planner, two notebooks, The Alchemist, perfume, a banana, an orange, a bag of trail mix, sunglasses, a mirror, headphones, three kinds of mints, Labello, Tylenol, eye drops, MAC Honey Love, and Gerard Cosmetics Shimmer of Hope.

Whats your unique style in Hair/Makeup: My hair changes colors all the time – I just can’t stick to one color for long. What is unique about it is that and probably the fact that I can’t often be bothered to do much with it. I just wash it and let it chill. My makeup varies depending on my mood and time limit. I go from crazy and colorful to toned down and neutral to naked faced. I do tend to reach for the most color (read: acid green)

Beauty tip: Whatever your style, rock it with confidence. Makeup is expression and we are all still learning. Book: the Bible.

Advice for newbies in your industry Perfect :practice produces progress. Do not use others as your measurement of success.

Songs On Playlist/on rotation

Million- Allen Stone

Resolution – Matt Corby

Change Going to Come – Josh Schott

Beautiful – India.Arie

Thank you Dominique for taking the time to be apart of today’s post!

 Hope you liked it beauties!


Karissa Sig