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January 4, 2010

Its not an excuse, but the Holidays took over our lives it got too crazy we didn’t have anytime to blog! We appreciate all of our supporters and readers that continued and will continue to visit our site, we got so many projects in 2010 that we are super excited about. Please keep visiting us for all our updates. For now I will invite you into my life and tell you what I have been up to. 


Holidays is all about family to me so for the last 2-3 weeks, I soaked it up! Have you seen Four Christmases? with Vince Vaughn and Reese Witherspoon. Thats how I felt we spent our Christmas. hahah but I guess you can think of it, you get 4 Christmases instead of one right? Well December 23 we had an amazing steak dinner with my boyfriends family, his mom Corinne is an great cook. The next morning was Christmas Eve, I had to wrap presents all day, then head over to my dads house for dinner at 4:00pm then at 8:00pm we left to head over to my moms house to open presents and have dinner with my crazy filippino family. I love having  big family, its so much fun when we all  get together, we played CRL (dice game) white elephant, I won a pink SNUGGIE!




Then at midnight we open up presents! Aunti Laura got him this T-Shirt!


after presents all the cousins get together and go out to the only dive bar open in town. hahaha We sleep and on Christmas day we do all the family activities over again. Christmas with my boyfriends family. This year we had a timeshare at the Mariott. I loved it, we made smores down by the fire pit, we got to enjoy our kids and  see them open presents that night. I got a nice camcorder to finally record some more you tube videos for you all. 



New Years Eve, we stayed the night at our good friends Tepi and Marcie’s store, STORE 13. We couldn’t have spent New Years with a better group of people, definitly beats being in a club with a bunch of drunken people. We got to experience camping on Colorado Blvd for the Rose Parade the next morning. Throwing marsh mellows, and corn tortillas at cars driving by, hahaha good times. I think that everyone should at least experience it once in their life time.  I hope YOU ALL enjoyed your Christmas and New Years!!! 




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