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Get Megan Fox’s Perfect Eyebrows

June 6, 2011

Ive been getting a few emails asking me how to shade in your eyebrows, eyebrows are my favorite thing to do when doing a makeup application because it changes the whole look of your face, it frames it. Look at how different Megan Fox’s eyebrows are from 2003 to today.

Today Megans Fox’s eyebrows are thicker and shaped to frame her beautiful face which brings out her blue eyes even more. Her thinner brows left so much space making her face look wider than it really is. I think her thicker brows make her look a lot sexier too.

Here is the guide to getting the perfect brow shape for your face.


1. You want to take a pencil and line it up from the side of your nose straight up to your eyebrow, this is were your eyebrow should start.

2. Then take the pencil from the tip of your nose across your pupil, this is were your arch should be.

3. Last take your pencil from the side of your nose again across the outer corner of your eye and this is where your eyebrow should end.

I made it easy for you guys and showed the steps of how to shade in your brows are shaping them.

This is what you are going to need. From left to right, brow pencil, brown eye shadow, 263 angle brush, select cover up concealer, 212 flat brush.

This is how your brow may look without shading.

First you wanna shape your brows by using a brow liner. I used spiked brow liner from MAC,
-line the bottom of your brow, however you want your brows to be shaped.

Next, you shade in your brow using an angle brush and brown shadow to get a natural brow. If you use a pencil for the whole brow, your brow will look drawn on.

Then you use concealer and a flat brush to clean up your shading. This will perfect the shape you are looking for. Using the flat brush clean up the bottom and top of your brows. Then blend the concealer to where you wouldn’t be able to see it anymore.

This is the final look.

This pic is a little blurry but this is how my brows look with some makeup on.
(earrings be Melody Ehsani)