Side Dutch Braid Holiday Hair Tutorial

December 24, 2014



Yay for another holiday hair tutorial! So this may be a little advanced, it’ll be super easy if you’re familiar with braiding. If not….we’ll do a tutorial strictly on braiding.

I’m the meantime… Here’s the break down of the step by step collage:

1) section from ear to eat about an 1″ of hair. Leave some hair around the ears for fun. If you have bangs, leave that out and section behind it. If you don’t have bangs section from ear to ear right at your front hairline

2)start with a 3 strand braid

3) from that 3 strand braid, take it to a Dutch braid (braiding underneath, taking a section from each side and braid that under) continue that Dutch braid until the top of the ear…then switch back to a normal 3 strand braid until the end of the hair length. Tie with a band

4) fatten up the braid by pulling softly on the sides of the braid

5) bring all your hair to the side of the braid and tie that braid around the rest of your hair. Secure with a tie band

6) add a cute band to accessorize your hairstyle!

This tutorial seems a little hard if you’re not familiar with braiding…but if you’re pro this is super easy and fast!

xoxo Azelle

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