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How to: Twisted High Bun

July 13, 2016

We all love the high bun! It’s our go to when your hair is dirty, you can dress it up for an event or just throw it up when you don’t have time.  There are different ways to do it too! Here’s a way for finer hair and you want that big bun (without a donut)

Step by Step:

  1. Tie hair high up
  2. take 2 sections
  3. twist opposite and cross over
  4. repeat until the end and tie with a hair tie
  5. wrap twist around the high pony and adjust until it’s as  you like it!

Twisted High Bun

Azelle Santa Ana

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Empower & Pamper Paul Mitchell Pasadena

July 6, 2016

Another successful event! July 1 we were able to talk with the graduating future professionals of Paul Mitchell Pasadena.  It was inspiring to inspire these amazing individuals. After the workshop, we got asked advice and were able to give hope. Our workshops are about having a positive mindset, goal setting and creating like minded individuals to keep ourselves and each other accountable of our goals. We created a custom workbook to keep us all in a constant state of growth!

Thank you so much Paul Mitchell Pasadena for having us!!

If you’re interested in our events, please feel free to contact us

Paul Mitchell Pasadena unnamed unnamed-2 unnamed-3 E&P

Hair/MakeUp, Step by Step

How to: Twisted Half Up Hairstyle

June 28, 2016

Here’s another super simple hairstyle for medium to long hair. It’s my version of a twisted half up style. All you need are 2 bobby pins!

Step by Step:

1) Curl your hair

2) Start at your part, I had a side part and twist and grab hair at the same time

3) Continue to your temples and start twisting just the hair strand

4) when you reach the end of your hair fatten the twisted strand by pulling pieces from it, make sure to keep holding on to the end of the twist

5) pin that twist back with a bobby pin

6) repeat on the opposite side… and done

Twisted Half Up Hairstyle



Azelle Santa Ana


Hair/MakeUp, Step by Step

How To: Big Waves

June 22, 2016

Hi! So I wanted to update a video I did a few months back, I added how I curl my bangs to get that sexy side sweep look  (or what we consider bangs, mine are pretty long) and plus so many of my clients always ask how I curl my hair so here it is….

and I don’t use much products, for sure a leave in spray with heat protectant for before and a light hairspray for after, I love Kenra 9

Step by Step:

  1. part all of your hair down the middle and place on each side
  2. take horizontal sections and clip away hair you  won’t be curling (important)
  3. for medium to long hair use 1 1/4″ iron, thats medium large size just big enough to give you the loose waves you want
    1. your left side, point iron down and wrap hair around AWAY from the face
    2. your right side, keep iron down and wrap hair around the iron AWAY from the face
  4. keep curling
  5. for the fringe/bangs: take a pie shape, wide on the hairline from eyebrow to eyebrow and wrap all in iron towards the back