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How To Cover Up Stretch Marks.

June 16, 2009

I was asked: How do I cover up stretch marks? 
Well, its really hard to cover up a lot of stretch marks especially from a pregnancy because you tend to get them through out your whole stomach. Though they lighten up through time it can make people very insecure about their body. I would suggest to do a couple things. 
For a quick fix, you can try to cover up with heavy cover ups like full coverage from MAC PRO STORES ONLY. But before you apply the coverage you want something that can bond it together. Apply a face primer to smooth out the area and to allow the coverage to stick.
Also something that I found that actually worked was Elastin 3. My entire family got stretch marks so I was sure that I was going to get them with my pregnancy, I actually started to notice that I was getting these tiny red marks. So, I did some research and found Elastin 3. I applied Elastin 3 to my stomach every morning and night, at night I would exfoliate my stomach gently and then apply Elastin 3. It definitely worked! The tiny red marks are gone and I didn’t get one stretch mark. :)
  Im not trying to be a spokes woman for them or anything but I know that if I didn’t use this lotion I would have gotten them everywhere. 

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