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How to Apply The Perfect Red Lip

January 31, 2012

Its no surprise that I LOVE bright lips. Its my favorite thing to do! If I HAD to choose one piece of makeup to live with for the rest of my life (thank God I don’t really have to do that) but I would definitely have to keep my red lips.

See I’m telling you… Same bright lip, Different day. 

I have done many Red Carpet events in my days and anytime someone is not sure about trying on a bright lip, I apply it on just so they can see it and they end up LOVING it.

Like… April, Trey Songz mom. I do her makeup when she is in town attending events with her son. This is her with a bright lip, I talked her into doing this for a premiere she was attending and she loved it.

You would be surprised on how many steps can go into achieving the perfect red lip. I mean you obviously don’t do these steps everyday but when you are attending a red carpet event or taking pictures all night long these steps make a difference!

Anyway… Here is a special video I put together showing you how to apply the perfect bright lip!

What piece of makeup can you not live with out?


xoxo, Alana Dawn

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