Christmas Party Makeup

November 30, 2009





 I love Winter season, we get to wear layers of clothes, sit by the fire place, and wear dark fall colors! Here is another Fall look that I did over the LONG weekend, BTW I hope you guys had an amazing Thanksgiving :) Anyway My sister was going on a date so I did her makeup all nice and fally. 


Step 1:

First what you want to do is apply a dark base, I used black creme base from MAC but you can use any black base. Apply it only to the lower half of your lid. 


Step 2:

Next set the creme base with black/dark eye shadow, you want to get a flat brush and pack on the dark eye shadow on top of the creme base, I used beauty mark from MAC its a black shadow with maroon highlight. 


Step 3:

with a blending brush, a 224 from MAC, take nocturnelle eye shadow and blend in into your crease, start from the outer corner and blend in.


Step 4:

apply a highlight, I used seedy pearl (MAC), place it right below your brow. 

Step 5/6:

Apply eye liner and mascara and your ready for a Christmas party!

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