5 Minute Makeup

August 23, 2011

So I have spent the last day editing a video that was requested for a quick fast back to school makeup look.

How often do you rush getting ready in the morning because you woke up late?! When I was in high school I would rush to school every morning! I had to be at school by 730am every morning to make sure I got parking, If the parking lot was full we had to park like a mile away! So most days I would end up doing my makeup in my cute little mint green honda civic (haha, the best thing about that car was that it cost $7 to fill up the entire tank!) I would quickly do basic makeup before I had to go to my first class. Back then I wore heavy eye liner and a lot of mascara! LOL One day I will post a picture of it.

If we had YouTube back when I was in high school I’m sure it would have shown a lot of people how easy it was to get ready in 5 minutes! :)

I hope you guys enjoy this video as much as I did making it for you all!!!

So I picked out basic items that everyone should have in their makeup bag. Not many brushes needed besides a blush brush and a kabuki brush but you can use your blush brush to apply the mineral powder and bronzing powder.

Have fun!!!


Alana Dawn

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