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January 2013

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Bold Glitter Eyes

January 11, 2013

When I got to the house I asked the bride

“How do you want your makeup done for your special day?!”

She replied: “I dont ever wear makeup so I dont know what I want” her sister in law said to do it dramatic with a lot of glitter!

so I did! This was a pakistanian wedding so they LOVE to use a lot of vibrant colors the bolder the better!

Here are a few other looks that I also did that day. It was a pleasure working with you ladies. I hope you enjoyed your makeup!


Alana Dawn

DIY, Hair/MakeUp

Outfit of the Day

January 9, 2013

Today I took a trip to Laguna Beach with the Hubby. We went to a couple of his listings and stopped by a few open houses. This view was incredible so I took advantage and took a photo of what I was wearing. :)  The air just seems so much cleaner and fresher out by the beach. I love it!


Vintage Off white Blazer

Store 13 white crop top (can’t see it but is very cute!)

Aztec Scarf

Red Skinny Jeans

Brown leg warmers for my boots

Brown Ankle Boots

Vibrant Colors!

love you all!


Alana Dawn

Beauty Tips, DIY, Hair/MakeUp

Bright Blue Winged Eyeliner

January 3, 2013

Here is a fun little tutorial that I did for the New Year! Just wanted to encourage you

all to keeping doing what you love!

Its a New Year a fresh start to NEW BEGINNINGS! Anything is possible with a blank


I used a blue pencil liner and some blue loose pigment to brighten up the blue. Watch

the tutorial below to see exactly what I used step by step :) 

Here is one last angle. Hope you love it! xo