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May 2011

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Skinny in just 5 minutes.

May 25, 2011
In the book Faces by Kevyn Acoin, He shows the points where you can highlight and contour your face. In the picture below he shows where to contour (brown lines) and where to highlight (white lines) Obviously you don’t want the contour to be this dark its just showing you where to apply the shading.

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May 25, 2011
Paper City Magazine | Ph: Gray Scott | Makeup . Manicurist: Vanessa Evelyn

I love the pale skin, dark eye brows, with the metallic eyes, white eyeliner and black lips.


Jasmine Mosley Tribes

May 25, 2011


My girl Jasmine from Oliver Poeples/ Mosley Tribes, isn’t she gorgeous?! it was too easy to do her makeup, this is what I used.


Base: Painterly (paint pot MAC)

Lower Lid: Smut (MAC)

Crease: Brown Script (MAC)

Highlight: Rice Paper (MAC)

Inner corner: Rice Paper (MAC)

Below lower lash line: Smut (MAC)

Liner: Blacktrack (MAC)

Water line: Graphblack (MAC)

Brows: Espresso shadow (MAC) with an angle brush

DIY, Hair/MakeUp

Graduation Makeup

May 23, 2011

Graduation is coming up! Congrats to all of you who are graduating this year. I did this last week.

Natural make-up with pale pink lips.
lid: naked pigment
inner crease: tete a tint (MAC)
outter crease: Swiss Chocolate (MAC)
high light: rice paper (MAC)
Cheeks: Sunbasque
Lips: 40’s pink
gloss: Oyster girl
Beauty Tips

Gray hair

May 23, 2011

As you age, the pigment producing substances in your hair shut down, leaving your hair without color.  Gray or white hair brings new challenges, but the right hair-care strategies can leave you with stylish, attractive locks.

Problem: Starting to grow a few gray hairs?

Solution: Pluck them. Drier, wiry gray hair can stand straight out against sleek hair. Plucking it won’t cause more to grow, as some myths claim. The consequence of this solution is it will grow back. So once more start growing, don’t pluck them all. You will start growing small spikey hair. Not cute

Problem: What’s the best way to color gray?

Solution: You can start off coloring the new growth similar to your natural color. For full headed gray, you can do lowlights of your natural color to keep  a natural look.

Problem: Been coloring your grays and now you want to let it grow out? Be all natural?

Solution: This is can be a smooth transition, but needs patience to grow out all grays.  Switch your permanent color to shades, or a semipermanent color. A shorter hair style will keep the transition time brief.

source: Daily Glow

gray hair


Bangs or Botox?

May 22, 2011

We’ve been seeing a lot of celebrities adding the heavy bangs in their haircut. What’s our first reaction? “Only they can pull it off” “They look so hot! I cant do that” There are different types of bangs that can play well with your face shape and let you feel comfortable. Make sure you do some serious consultation with your stylist to find the perfect fringe that will flatter you.

Why get face framing fringes? Its an automatic hairstyle.  A totally new you, a sexier more mysterious you. 😉 Bangs can be a substitute for botox, hide lines or a large forehead.

Types of Bangs

Short bangs-edgy

angled bangs-edgy and flattering

heavy bangs-dramatic

whispy bangs-casual, easily swept off the face

Hair Textures

best on straight or a slight wave.

Curly, texutred hair needs more maintenance with upkeeping the style

Face Shape

on oval, long and square face  not so flattering on a rounder/fuller face

Skin Type

Oily hair and oily skin will work against bangs. Your bangs tends to stick together from the oil and may look ‘pointy’. Also you may tend to breakout on your forehead as the new bangs rests on the new territory

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May 22, 2011


Masculine look

May 21, 2011


This is the look that we did for the DIMEPIECE Shoot on the main model. She was an amazing model, she gets into the shoots I LOVE IT!

BASE: Painterly (MAC)


CREASE: Copperplate (MAC) with a 217 brush make sure to shade in the inner corner of the eye, and tail out towards the end.


BROW: Shade in and thicken with a deep brown shadow and an angle brush.


Matte foundation and Contour with a matte blush.