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June 2009

Heart Beats

wow!! zuca bags with MAC!

June 19, 2009

Okay so I have been trying to shop around for a sturdy, large, all-purpose travel bag. Either for a makeup kit or a hair kit. A lot of makeup artist roll in with a case, and hairstylists with their luggage. I wanted something with different compartments, large and small, for easy access and better organization, and also have enough space for your tools: curling irons, flatirons, large sprays etc.

Then, what does our favorite makeup store do? MAC does a collabo with zuca bags!!! Amazing!!!
Perfect for the artist on the go! A rolling traincase.
 If you are interested in picking up the Zuca traincase, either visit your local pro store, call 1.800.387.6707 (you can order pro items from this number even if you do not have a pro membership) or log (for pro members only).
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Nails, Nails, Nails

June 18, 2009

    Amazingly my son took a 3 hours nap! thats like 3 days to me. He normally just wants to play all day. I finished up all my work for the day and got to do my nails. I didn’t know what I was going for I just kept painting… but I think they turned out cute. :) 
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Fashion Show

June 18, 2009

    My boy, Keven  has been working on this the last few weeks, a fashion show on the roof top of a newly constructed building, Moda, located downtown Seattle, owned by our good friend Thach Nguyen. We will be here all weekend. Come join us for the event. RSVP to
Beauty Tips

Volumizing Hair Products

June 18, 2009

Anonymous asked: 

what are the best volumizing products and tools to give straight, thin and asian hair a lasting boost throughout the day?

Well it really starts in the shower. Prepping your hair can help a lot for your style throughout the day. 

1. Use volumizing shampoo/conditioner. It will get soaked up with your hair and each cuticle can plump up a little, nothing too dramatic of a change though.

2. I love Bumble n Bumble Thickening spray! Great for thin and thick hair! Works with heat and also acts as a structurizer to help hold style. Spray as much as you want and it will never feel like you have too much product. Roots to ends application.

3. When blowdrying your hair, comb everything forward from the crown to your face. This will give it a nice little lift. Make sure roots are completely dry! Dont mistake your hair for being dry when its hot, if it is hot, it will dry flat. Then dry ends as well.

4. Another product I love is Big Sexy Hair Dry Volumizing spray. Really gives hair a nice lift and texture. Great for the 2nd day look to absorb oil.

Thank you Anonymous for your question, let us know how this worked for you. 
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Upcoming Project

June 17, 2009

So I wanted to share with you all, some of you may have heard Azelle and I have been working on a series called “Influence” for a while. I mentioned it in the interview with Prmtve Passe last month. We are so excited and we can’t wait  to share with you the episodes, photo shoots, and line up we have going for the “Influence” series.  “Its more than an interview, its an exposure” keep checking up for updates its coming to you real soon!!
Beauty Tips

Foundations for oily/acne prone skin

June 17, 2009
Someone asked, What Foundation is good for oily/acne prone skin???
     I can say by experience that these brands work great for that, Laura Mercier’s Oil Free Liquid Foundation, known for a matte finish and wont clog up your pores, MAC Studio Tech Foundation gives you a lot of coverage and has a matte finish. They are both hypoallergenic foundations as well, so they are good even for sensitive skin. Revlon Color Stay is more affordable and is also know to work very well. 


Laura Mercier’s Oil Free Liquid Foundation

Revlon Color Stay Foundation

ALSO… avoid breaking out by washing your face, even tho you wash your face every morning and night you may be breaking out because your not removing your makeup correctly. You can wash your face a couple times and still have make up left in your pores (this is why most people break out). I would suggest that you use a makeup remover, my favorite are MAC wipes, they are gentle, smell great, and break everything down. After you remove your makeup you then would wash your face, use a toner, and then use an oil free moisturizer, oil free moisturizers can help control the oils on your face. 

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June 16, 2009

It’s about that time again!! Make up convention in Pasadena Convention Center! You must come! 40 % off MAC! (unbelievable) , lots of sales-sales-sales! and a great environment for all you makeup lovers. Come out! Hope to meet you there! 

Beauty Tips

How To Cover Up Stretch Marks.

June 16, 2009

I was asked: How do I cover up stretch marks? 
Well, its really hard to cover up a lot of stretch marks especially from a pregnancy because you tend to get them through out your whole stomach. Though they lighten up through time it can make people very insecure about their body. I would suggest to do a couple things. 
For a quick fix, you can try to cover up with heavy cover ups like full coverage from MAC PRO STORES ONLY. But before you apply the coverage you want something that can bond it together. Apply a face primer to smooth out the area and to allow the coverage to stick.
Also something that I found that actually worked was Elastin 3. My entire family got stretch marks so I was sure that I was going to get them with my pregnancy, I actually started to notice that I was getting these tiny red marks. So, I did some research and found Elastin 3. I applied Elastin 3 to my stomach every morning and night, at night I would exfoliate my stomach gently and then apply Elastin 3. It definitely worked! The tiny red marks are gone and I didn’t get one stretch mark. :)
  Im not trying to be a spokes woman for them or anything but I know that if I didn’t use this lotion I would have gotten them everywhere. 


June 15, 2009

For those who are a natural redhead…jealous! And for those who aren’t… we fake the funk.

I’ve recently got AshleyDimes hooked on being a Redhead.  She frequents at Salon Sessions with me for the works. It takes some effort to keep your color poppin!   She is a Co-owner of DimePiece, recently graduated with her B.A. (congratulations!!!) and part of our new project. We will keep you posted for sure! In the mean time, check them out! DIMEPIECE DESIGNS
Reds fade sooo fast!  Here are some tips to keeping your color vibrant before your next appointment:
1. Please use a color protect shampoo/conditioner! A gentle and safe to use everyday is Redken Color Extend Shampoo and Conditioner.
2. Do a cool to cold rinse after conditioner. This helps give hair a natural shine and seal color.
3. In between your next color appointment, come in for a quick color gloss. This will add a pop of your color and give your hair a nice shine before the full works.
4. Also, please use a heat protectant on your hair before blowdrying, using a flat iron, or curling iron. My favorite is Kerastase Nectar Thermique for dry hair or Kerastase Ciment Thermique for sensitive, overly processed hair. They are both leave in. Can be a little pricey but so worth it!! Redken Smooth Down Heat Glide, works well too and a little more affordable 
It’s the little things you do, that really can help