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May 2009

Beauty Tips

Tip: Cleansing

May 18, 2009


NORMAL SKIN: Creamy liquid or cream cleansers; water soluble cleansers or gentle facial soap.

DRY SKIN: Cream cleansers or very rich liquid cleansers; moisturizing , nonperfumed soap, but rinse off thoroughly. 

COMBINATION OR OILY: Light lotions or milk cleansers; medicated liquid cleansers are sometime necessary to treat severe outbreaks.

SENSITIVE SKIN: Hypoallergenic cleansers; avoid soaps

Welcome Azelle

May 18, 2009

Azelle is my partner in crime… She is an amazing hair stylist and will be part of the Lady Art team. She will be giving you all the best tips on hair and fashion!


Last Nights Make-Up

May 14, 2009

So obviously I love to wear bright lipstick when I go out. I took my cousins from the PI out to H Wood last night and this is what I used for my mkeup.


Base- Pink Bronze Pigment-
Crease- Swiss Chocolate
Deep Crease- Skecth
Highlight- Rice Paper

Black Track Eye Liner

Apple of cheeks- Melba
Highlight- Pink Bronze Pigment


Lipstick: Rebel
Gloss: Love Nector

Beauty Tips

Tip: Greasy Roots?

May 12, 2009

When you literally have a minute to get ready try this for greasy hair.

1. Spray your roots with aerosol hair spray, then blow dry.

2. Take blotting papers over your roots til the grease is gone.

3. You can also throw a little bit of baby powder on your roots.

Beauty Tips

Tip: winged out smokey eye

May 11, 2009

to get the winged out somkey effect use your angle brush to shape your winged out shadow, then take your smudge brush a 219 from MAC and blend out wards. Don’t forget to blend black shadow below your bottom lash line .