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What To Wear With Your Hair: Radiant Cosmetics & Hot Tools Curling Iron

September 19, 2013

Meet an amazing woman & super talented hairstylist Dianna, or on Instagram as @lady_dianna 

For her this series of What To Wear With Your Hair she shares some of her favorite items.

For your hair: 3/4″ Hot Tools Curling Iron, I love hot tools. I use their curling iron for all my styling. It gets so hot and the curls really stay 

For your makeup: Radiant Cosmetics Moscow Red Lipstick, it’s a matte finish and the color stays true the whole time. I’m seriously going to buy this lipstick, not just because it looks amazing on D, but Radiant Cosmetics is not only a makeup brand but they help raise awareness for human trafficking by raising funds through their cosmetics. How awesome is this cosmetic brand?! Love that!

 Why Dianna loves these products: “I love my Hot Tools 3/4″  iron for tight sassy springy curls!! Radiant Cosmetic is an amazing company that donates to so many anti trafficking organizations to help rescue and empowers women all over the world. I wear their makeup proudly!” 

You should check out these products & try them!

3/4″ Hot Tools Curling iron

Radiant Cosmetics Moscow Red Lipstick

xoxo Azelle  

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