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What To Wear With Your Hair: Enjoy Hair Mask & MAC Honeylove Lipstick

December 1, 2013

Meet my gorgeous friend Samantha and also super talented Hairstylist and Makeup artist! I want to share some of her favorite products for todays  reviews that she enjoys for herself and clients.

For your hair: Enjoy Hair Mask leaves your hair super soft and silky, easy to manage especially if you’re constantly getting your hair colored.

For your makeupHoneylove lipstick by Mac 

Why she loves these and wants to share with you“Can’t live without my hair mask from Enjoy! It keeps my blonde hair healthy and shiny!! and Honeylove Mac is my favorite everyday color! It goes with everything!”

Find these products here:

Enjoy Hair Mask

Honeylove Lipstick by MAC 

enjoy hair mask and honey love

Samantha is a hair stylist and makeup artist based in Chino, CA. Check her out or contact her at:

Salon Teez

12136 Central ave.

Chino, CA 91790


Instagram: @samtastic2ya

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