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Valentines Day Nail Tutorial

January 30, 2013

That time of year!!!! LOVE!!!!

    1. Paint Your Nail white.

2. Place 2 Reinforcement Labels on 1/3 of your nail.

Place them side by side so you can get the shape of a heart.

Secure them into place (MAKE SURE THE WHITE PAINT IS DRY!)

3.  Using a pale pink, paint right about the stickers and the rest of your finger nail.

4. Allow the paint to dry for a bit and carefully peel the sticker off.

5.  Repeat step 2 about 2/3 of the way up of your finger nail.

Then paint it with a darker brighter pink.

6. wait for the nail to dry a bit, then carefully peel off the sticker.

7. Finish off with a clear coat of nail polish.

Happy Valentines Day!

Polish Colors

China Glaze – Escaping Reality

Salon Perfect – Pale Pink

Salon Perfect- White

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