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Makeup Monday-How To Cover Acne Scars

December 29, 2014

Welcome back everyone!

So, this is a huge topic for me…Acne. I’ve had it my whole life just about and it’s why I started wearing makeup. I didn’t  know at the time that you have to start with skin care, rather than just trying to hide it (I was really young).

About a year and a half ago my acne got the worst its ever been. I was diagnosed with cystic acne and the only treatment that worked for me was Accutane. Accutane is a very powerful drug that must be monitored closely by a doctor. Through testing for this I found out that I was actually sick with a few things.

After all that my face was finally cleared up. I still get a few zits here and there but it is so much better than it was. I am now left with really bad scaring mostly on my cheeks that consists of indentations and valleys that are almost impossible to conceal.

With the right technique I am now able to minimize the appearance of my scars and make my face appear so much smoother.

Please be kind to me, this is my first video I’ve ever made and posted. I promise I will try my best to make my future videos a whole lot better in the future! If you have dealt with the same problems that I have and find this video helpful please like it, subscribe and most importantly share with us! I love to see everyone’s photos on #LAmakeupmonday!

Watch and Enjoy!


Karissa Sig


Beauty Tips, DIY, Hair/MakeUp

Smokey Winged Cat EYEshadow

February 26, 2014

tarte matte palette



Smokey Cat EYEshadow

Above is a look that was inspire by one of my favorite instagram artist @makeupbyLilit

its a beautiful winged cat eye using eyeshadow. 


Here is a good close up shot of how the eyeshadow looks. I love this eye.

I am totally into matte colors right now and this is

the perfect palette to create this look.




You can see how natural all the colors look below, these shadows have so much pigmentation!

a little goes a long way!

For this Tarte Cosmetics palette click here




 For the all the details on this look make sure to watch this video! 

ENJOY THE TUTORIAL! make sure you subscribe to my channel!!! 

click here


Make sure to check in daily with us! 



Alana Dawn

Beauty Tips, DIY, Hair/MakeUp

New Years Look

January 2, 2014


Happy New Year to you all! I posted my New Years Day Look last night and got so many responses!!! (THANK YOU) So I decided to write out exactly what I used. :)


To get this look I used the Anastasia Lavish Palette. You can get it off their site.


1. To keep your eyeshadow into place use painterly paint pot from MAC all over your lid.

2. Then place “cream” shadow all over your lower lid.

3. Take “sienna” shadow and apply it to your crease using a blending brush.

4. Right above your crease use “orange soda” with the same blending brush.

5. Then use the Anastasia covet black eyeliner on your waterline, smoke it out with a pencil brush, using the “truffle” shadow.

6. Finish the look using #403 lashes from Ardell Lashes.


I used Anastasia’s new dip brows in “chocolate”


Line your lips with night moth from MAC and shade in the corners.

Fill in your lip with Rebel from MAC.


This is a New Begging !!! Happy New Year! I love you ALL!!! -AlanaDawn

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Fall into Purples Pictorial

October 26, 2013


Hello my Ladies!!!

Here is a look I did last week. I finally have a Saturday off and I am able to share

what I used to get this beautiful Fall Look. 

Above is a Step by Step pictorial. Making it easier for you to see

what I used and where I used it. :) 

Step 1. Use soft ochre paint pot from MAC and apply all over your lid, then apply matte bone shadow to your lower part of your lid using a flat brush

Step 2. using a tapered blending brush apply matte deep teal to the outer corner of your crease (your deep crease)

Step 3. With your #217 brush (its a stiffer blending brush) apply matte plum on your lower lid right before the matte deep teal. Now on your lower lid the gradient of colors should go from light to dark.

Step 4. using a tapered blending brush #224 from MAC, apply matte navy across your crease.

Step 5. Using the rim brightner from Tarte Cosmetics, apply in your waterline.

Step 6. Take Anastasia black covet liner and apply it to the inner and outer corner or your waterline.

Step 7. Lastly I winged out black liner on my upper lash line, I used urban decay 24/7  black liquid liner.


This is the NeutralEYES volume I from Tarte Cosmetics 


I finished the look using House of Lashes in Feline. 


To get nicely shaped brows I used Anastasia Beverly Hills Pro Palette. 

BTW… Dont you love the separated eyeliner on my waterline?

I don’t like how the white eyeliner looks on me alone,I tried this look and love it!


One of my favorite things right now!!! Dose of Colors lip gloss, Sunshine Kisses. 


Until next time!!! Have a wonderful weekend!


Alana Dawn 

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Velocity Blue Tutorial

June 7, 2013

Ocean Blue Makeup Tutorial

1. Apply White eyeliner as a base all over your lower lid and blend it out using your finger. You then want to set the eyeliner with white eyeshadow, I used gesso from MAC.

2. Then I took Omega eye shadow from MAC and softly swept it across my crease using a blending brush, Using Vanilla pigment I applied it to my highlight.

3. With a flat brush take velocity blue shadow from Sugarpill and apply it just to the outer crease.

4. Then you want to take it down to your lower lash line and apply with with a pencil brush. I pack it on so it can give me more color.

5. I took seedy pearl from MAC and applied in to my tear duct.

6. Now take a liquid liner, I used urban decays 24/7 liner and winged out my eyeliner.

7/8. Apply Ardell Double up Lash #203 to finish up the look .


For the lips below I mixed In synch lipliner

from MAC all over my lips and topped it off with pink lemonade lip glass.


Sugar Pill Velocity. Such a pretty blue!!!



As you all know I use anastasia beverly hills brow genius and pro palette. Get it here.



I hope you enjoyed this tutorial. Its perfect for the summer!!! 

Love you guys!

Alana Dawn 

Beauty Tips, DIY, Hair/MakeUp

Metallic Silver

May 30, 2013

Who wants to see a tutorial for this look?!! 

I used Ardell Double Up Lashes #203 to get this look! 


Come back tomorrow to see the full tutorial! 

Love Always, 

Alana Dawn 

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Blue Eyeshadow Tutorial

May 16, 2013

Tutorial Thursdays

If you guys have been following me i LOVE doing colored eye shadow looks that are wearable. 

I also applies 2 different lashes to the same look so you can see the difference between a dramatic lash and a natural lash.

1. Apply an eyeshadow base all over your lid. I used painterly from MAC. This is a good base that you can use with any eye shadow color.

2. Take a black shadow, I used The black shadow from the Naked2 palette from Urban Decay but you can use any brand you have. Create a V shape at the outer corner of your eye.

3. With a blending brush apply a soft brown shadow to blend the colors together. I used texture from MAC.

4. Now with a flat brush apply Parrot Shadow from MAC right next to the black shadow. Note: apply only to the bottom half of your lid, don’t go above the crease.   

5.Usng a dark black kohl pencil apply it to your waterline. I used Smolder from MAC.  

6. Then create a winged eyeliner using urban decays 24/7 liquid eyeliner, perversion.

7.  Apply Lashes to your lash line. In the photo above I used  Double up Lashes #205 from Ardell Lashes


Im using more of a Natural Lash on the photo below. 

These are the lashes used in the photo above, I LOVE that they have more lashes on the end of the lash. Ardell Lashes Edgy #401 

And for those of you who ask what colors I use on the Anastasia Pro Palette. I use the darker color on the “dark brown” combo to line the bottom part of my brow and the darker color on the “strawburn” combo to fill in my brow. 

Beauty Tips, DIY, Hair/MakeUp

Tutorial Tuesdays

May 14, 2013

Tutorial Tuesdays!

Hello Ladies and Gents!!

I posted this look on my instagram a few days ago for my Mothers Day Look,

I finally have time to write out what I used.

1. After applying a shadow primer all over your lid you are going to want to use Naked Pigment from MAC right below your brows.

2. Using a blending brush you are going to want to softly brush Saddle from MAC across your crease.

3. Then you are going to highlight the center of your lid with Naked Pigment using a flat brush.

4. With a pencil brush, take sketch eyeshadow from MAC and brush it across your lower lid right below your lash line. You can also blend into your water line like I did or you can use a brown eyeliner.

5. Using Urban Decay Cosmetics liquid eyelinerextend the liner past your lid creating a winged liner. Then Apply bombshell lashes from House of Lashes.


Face Makeup

Contour and Highlight

I am using Studio Fix Fluid NC 35 all over my face

Highlight: with NC20 Full Coverage Concealer from MAC 

Contour: NC50 Full Coverage Concealer From MAC 


I wanted a matte finish so I used embrace me lip liner

from MAC all over my lips. 

I hope you guys enjoyed this. Let me leave me feed back on my instagram or youtube!! I would love to hear back what you want to see next!!!


Alana Dawn 

Beauty Tips, DIY, Hair/MakeUp

3D glitter Makeup

January 15, 2013

Here is to an oldie but goodie!!! One of my favorite looks that I have done.

Check out the video below to see what I used.



Different angles. And the tutorial below :)


DIY, Hair/MakeUp

How to Apply The Perfect Red Lip

January 31, 2012

Its no surprise that I LOVE bright lips. Its my favorite thing to do! If I HAD to choose one piece of makeup to live with for the rest of my life (thank God I don’t really have to do that) but I would definitely have to keep my red lips.

See I’m telling you… Same bright lip, Different day. 

I have done many Red Carpet events in my days and anytime someone is not sure about trying on a bright lip, I apply it on just so they can see it and they end up LOVING it.

Like… April, Trey Songz mom. I do her makeup when she is in town attending events with her son. This is her with a bright lip, I talked her into doing this for a premiere she was attending and she loved it.

You would be surprised on how many steps can go into achieving the perfect red lip. I mean you obviously don’t do these steps everyday but when you are attending a red carpet event or taking pictures all night long these steps make a difference!

Anyway… Here is a special video I put together showing you how to apply the perfect bright lip!

What piece of makeup can you not live with out?


xoxo, Alana Dawn