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New Look for Laura

August 1, 2010

My girl Laura, Co-owner of Dime Piece Designs, loves a change. Here is her most recent look before she left for her month trip to Europe

Laura new look

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Freelance Los Angeles Make up Artist

April 12, 2010

keri hilson




















We really appreciate all of your support! Just to let you know, Lady Art Looks is more than just a blog. We are here to share with you our passions! Plenty of beauty tips and make overs! Aside from online advice, we cater to you! 

Lady Art Looks is a freelance hair and make up team!

Located in Southern California, we cater to you! Let us be a part of your beauty ritual.

Alana Dawn’s specialty in make up has gotten her booked left and right. For your make up needs, Alana Dawn is available for on location services.

Let Lady Art bring out your inner beauty!

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Say hello to Gintel part 2

April 6, 2010



























Modern faux hawk for Gintel

If she lets down her hawk, she has her normal hair again, which was a shoulder length dreaded hair.


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Say Hello to Laffit

March 23, 2010



























Meet Nelson! So much fun working with him! He is known for his hair style and great personality! Nelson’s hair has given him a great rep since high school winning Best Hair Award!

I was super excited when he wanted to change up his hair do a bit. 

The goal was “Old Man white” and we got it and love it!

It took some time reaching that level, taking inconsideration his natural hair is black. We gotta pass the crazy red-orange-yellow phase to get it to where we are now!

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Katherine Heigl- Brunette with Extensions

March 23, 2010

Oooh! Check out Katherine Heigl’s make over earlier this month. 

First the brunette











Then the flawless extensions and smooth waves















Katherine Heigl’s Spring makeover


Say hello to Gintel Gee

March 11, 2010

Meet Gintel Gee! She is a dope graphic designer and has contributed a lot of her work for Dime Piece Designs 

Gintel’s had these dreads for a while, I love them! 

I decided to do some peek-a-boo highlights on her dreads. Pretty fun because it is not your everyday hair in foil highlights, all nice and neat. With dreads it changed up my highlighting routine. I got to soak the dreads in lightener and wrapped them up like the way you used to make antennas when you were a kid!




























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Megan Fox Cat Eyes

January 27, 2010


On Friday, I will be finished editing another video. I will show you guys how to do winged liner, cat eyes with 3 different types of EYE LINERS, pencil, liquid ad gel. Keep checking back for updates.



Say Hello to Hope

January 5, 2010























Mini make over with Hope.

Color: She was missing the blonde, and so was her hubby.

Cut: Taking up a few inches really put the emphasis on her pretty face