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Makeup Monday- Wearable Cut Crease

January 12, 2015

Hello Beauties!!

So I wanted to share with you how I do an easy daytime cut crease eye shadow. As I was going through instagram, youtube and other social media, all I could find was over the top Cut Crease Looks. I wanted to something more wearable for any day of the week whether you’re going to work or school, and it can easily transition into a night out look if you want to top it off with glitter.

Let me know what you think! As always, share your looks with us! #LAMakeupMonday


Karissa Sig



Beauty Tips

How to blowdry your hair: Written tutorial

March 2, 2014

Here’s a written tutorial on how to blowdry your hair like you just got it done professionally. Well, close to it. No round brush necessary. Just a tweak in your routine to get that volumized look.

First, products are important. I like to start off with some volumizing sprays or mousse on the roots, on damp hair. Then, apply heat protectant in the ends. This will protect your hair from the blowdry and any hot tools you’ll be using after and adds moisture.

Now for your professional at home blowdry:
1) Start blowdrying your crown area. Lift your roots and dry your roots first. You can flip your head upside down or use a wide tooth brush or fingers to lift your roots and dry. Blow drying your roots first gives you that natural volume. Sometimes we tend to get the blowdryer and start drying the ends first, leaving the roots to dry flat.

Once your roots are completely dry…

2) Rough dry the rest of the hair. No particular way, you can section and clip away hair if you have thick hair.

By now you should have your whole head dry. So you have the option to start curling your hair or flat iron the ends.

At the end of the blowdry, use a lightweight shine spray to control fly aways and adds shine. Don’t forget your hairspray!



From chin length to shoulder cut

June 20, 2013

A while back I cut my clients hair in a shorter bob, now she’s in a transitional phase where she wants to grow it out just a little longer but have some style. And we’ve been seeing some medium length hair cuts that are cute.

For her transitional hair cut, I cleaned up the ends (not much to keep hair long), added layers close to the length for a jagged effect, and when it was dry I removed weight to avoid the bell shape look and have movement at that length.

Her style, I used a 1″ curling iron. Grabbing random pieces and curling away from the face. Spray some dry hair spray and loosen up the curl to have a messy beach wave look.

And now she can continue to grow out her hair with style!



xoxo Azelle


Spotlight: Elev8 Boutique Long Beach, CA

October 8, 2012

Today’s spotlight is the cutest boutique in Long Beach, that so happens to be owned by my brother, Patrick Santa Ana.

 An eco friendly clothing store, which houses independent designers & launches new brands, carries refurbished, & vintage clothing & accessories for both men & women! They have an amazing sale rack offered everyday, as well as hundreds of one-of-a-kind, handmade jewerly, funky rings, necklaces and earrings and always vintage inspired gems floating around the store. 

Check them out on Facebook! Elev8

Their re-launch party is October 13, Saturday 7pm-11pm


Spotlight: Hairdresser’s Invisible Oil

October 4, 2012

Been loving this new product by Bumble and Bumble, Hairdresser’s Invisible Oil. I love how lightweight it feels, but strong enough to smooth and give a soft feel with high shine!

Straight from Bumble and Bumble on the why, who, when, and how!

Hair feels softer immediately and over time; hair looks and feels healthy; feels smooth and silky; hair feels conditioned; frizz dramatically reduced; tames flyaways; detangles hair; helps strengthen against breakage; heat styling protection; helps protect hair from the drying effects of the sun; contains UVA/UVB filters; safe/appropriate for color-treated hair.

All types of dry hair.

Anytime, before blow-drying or after for flyaway control and a trace of shine.

Work sparingly into damp hair before heat-styling, or smooth through dry hair for a sensational finish.

Straight Blow Dry + Hairdresser’s Invisible Oil as a finisher to control flyaways and add polish.

Hairdresser’s Invisible Oil + Thickening Hairspray for a soft, tangle-free blow out.

Hairdresser’s Invisible Oil + Bb.Texture applied to damp hair for less stickiness and all of the hold.

Hairdresser’s Invisible Oil added to any Bb.Conditioner or Masque for increased manageability and softness.



DIY: Flamingo Nails

September 18, 2012


We found these fun flamingo nails on pinterest and I wanted to show you step by step how easy it is to achieve :)

Pick a color you want the base to be.

1. With a very thin brush( I used its so easy nail brush polish) draw on the base of the flamingo.

2.Take a light pink polish and draw on a half circle on the tip of your nail.

3. With a dotting tool dot the eye with white nail polish.

4. With a thin brush draw a V shape for the flamingos beak. And dot an eye with black polish.

5. With white polish draw a line on top of the beak and finish it off with a clear coat.

And done! :)

Beauty Tips, Hair/MakeUp

Hair and Makeup Storage Ideas

January 10, 2012

Throughout time our collection of hair and makeup tools add up! It’s so hard to throw away anything, we don’t want to throw away anything and there is always something new we want that keeps our collection growing.

I find it challenging to keep all my cosmetics organized and was in search of the perfect storage for all of my hair and makeup tools together. Randomly searching on Craigslist I saw the cutest corner cabinet! I decided to use it as my cosmetic storage! And for the individual makeups I found these plastic drawers from target to keep them organized!

I know it’s still looks a bit messy in there but I love it!! 



Hair/MakeUp, Heart Beats

Melody Ehsani x Lady Art

January 5, 2012


a behind the scene photo I took with my little iphone, a little camera plus action and it looks professional!

Makeup: Alana Dawn

Stylist: Ashley Ludwin

Jewelry/Designer: Melody Ehsani

Melody is one of my good friends who I love! Her passion for her work is so inspiring, she puts LOVE into every piece she designs. Check out her entire look book below. :)


Short Hair Style- flat iron curl

December 27, 2011

My first short hair style tutorial! It is so much easier with short hair for me. I wake up with an automatic style. For this look I decided to use a flat iron to curl.

1. Section hair
2. Grab a medium amount of hair and place the flat iron parallel to the floor .
3. With hair in the iron, you are going to flip the iron around “ribboning” the hair in the iron. The slower you ‘ribbon’ your hair the curlier the result

Try it out and play with the flat iron. Works great on long hair too!!
xoxo Azelle


Purple Eye Liner

December 20, 2011

I normally do black eyeliner on my water line, but this morning I woke up wanting to do purple! I just got this purple eyeliner by Nabi at a local grocery store.  If you want to brighten up your daily makeup, try different colored liners on the bottom waterline! Purple also brings out the gold in your eyes!

XOXO Azelle