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Tutorial Tuesdays!

May 6, 2014


Tutorial Tuesdays! 

Last night a posted the above photo on my instagram and I got a lot of people asking what

I was wearing. so here it is….



1. For my eyes I posted the palette I used ( from Tarte Cosmetics holiday collection)

you can use colors just like this if you don’t have the palette.

2. I used the new precision liner from TARTE Cosmetics for my winged liner.

3. Finished my eyes with Salon Perfect Demi Wispies


Primer: SmashBox photofinish primer

Foundation: Urban Decay Naked Foundation 6.0

Highlight/Contour Anastasia concealer 2.0 and 7.0

Anastasia Beverly Hills Contour Palette.

Powder: MAC Cosmetics Mineralized Powder Medium Plus


Tarte Cosmetics Amazonian Clay (rich brown)


NYX Snow Cap lipstick and Madeleine butter gloss


Close up of my eyes :)

20140506-121548.jpgFinal Up, Close, and Personal Look!!!

Let us know what you want to see!! follow us on instagram.

See you in the next post!


Alana Dawn

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Romantic Day Look

January 6, 2014


I posted this look a couple days ago on my instagram. @alanadawn 

I got this look using the Naked3 Palette. I haven’t really heard very many people

raving about theNaked3 Palette after it came out. But I actually enjoy the natural pinks

especially for my brides. In the next week I will show you how to get the best looks using

the Naked3 palette. 


Step 1:  Apply an eyeshadow base, I used painterly paint pot from MAC, then I applied “buzz” on my lower lid. 

Step 2: Take a small brush and put “dust” in the inner corner of your eye to brighten up your eyes. 

Step 3: Using a tapered blending brush, Take “blackheart”  and apply it to your deep crease. 

Step 4: Then take “nooner” and apply it across your crease to blend the colors together. 

Step 5: Take “dip down” from MAC and create a winged shape liner across your upper lash line. Then smoke out “blackheart” across your lower lash line. 

Step 6: Finish up the look by applying Dose of Colors “show stopper” lashes.


Screen shot 2014-01-06 at 9.49.28 AM

Eye Brows:

To get my nicely shaped brows I used Kelley Baker Brows brow shadow in “ash brown”




Have a wonderful Day Loves!

Remember this year is about you, so make

your dreams happen this year!!!!

-Alana Dawn 

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New Years Look

January 2, 2014


Happy New Year to you all! I posted my New Years Day Look last night and got so many responses!!! (THANK YOU) So I decided to write out exactly what I used. :)


To get this look I used the Anastasia Lavish Palette. You can get it off their site.


1. To keep your eyeshadow into place use painterly paint pot from MAC all over your lid.

2. Then place “cream” shadow all over your lower lid.

3. Take “sienna” shadow and apply it to your crease using a blending brush.

4. Right above your crease use “orange soda” with the same blending brush.

5. Then use the Anastasia covet black eyeliner on your waterline, smoke it out with a pencil brush, using the “truffle” shadow.

6. Finish the look using #403 lashes from Ardell Lashes.


I used Anastasia’s new dip brows in “chocolate”


Line your lips with night moth from MAC and shade in the corners.

Fill in your lip with Rebel from MAC.


This is a New Begging !!! Happy New Year! I love you ALL!!! -AlanaDawn

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Customize Your Lash

November 6, 2013



Custom Double UP Lashes


Last week I did a wedding for a client, I applied some

Demi Wispies from Ardell Lashes, 

but she was used to having more volume so I doubled them up with

402 Edgy Lashes from Ardell. 

Then I realized I created an amazing lash!!

These 2 look so beautiful together!! 

The best part is they are not heavy.

I wore them all day yesterday and they are super comfortable. 




Ardell Demi Wispies from Ardell Lashes



Ardell Edgy Lashes #402 




1. Remove them from the tray 



2. Lay them on top of each other and pinch the strip together. 

20131106-102721.jpg3. Apply a little bit of Duo and lay them on you lash line. 


This how you can easily create and customize the perfect lash for yourself!

Hope you enjoyed this beauty tip! Have a wonderful day!


Alana Dawn 


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Salon Perfect ColorEnhance Lashes

December 4, 2012

Salon Perfect

So I was asked almost a year ago to help with this project. Although they couldn’t pick

up the pallets of eyeshadows due to their contract they had with the company, after

working on it for weeks, they still came out with amazing concept of ColorEnhance

Lashes that make your eye color seem so much brighter. I was still a part of the project

and did the makeup for the Salon Perfect ColorEnhance lashes packaging.  Above are

some of the sketches and eyeshadow combos I picked out that would have been a part

of this project.

In this gallery you can see some of my work on the packaging! This was a very fun

experience to be a part of!!! :) I am so blessed to be doing what I love to do.

Thank You to everyone who helps me bring my dreams to reality.

xoxo, Alana Dawn

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Stripes and Winged Liner

November 13, 2012

My Favorite shirt right now that is from my moms closet. I love that my mom cant get

rid of a lot of her clothes because I find treasures like this! Stripped navy blue and

creme button up with a navy blue bow tie. 

Finish this look with a clean classy makeup look. I a simple everyday winged eyeliner

with HOT pink lips! 

Ardell Lashes #105, Fashion Lashes.

xoxo, Alana Dawn



Green is Good

March 18, 2012

Here is a fun Color Combination that you guys can do.

Base: Painterly all over your lid

Lower Lid: Bitter From MAC pack that bad boy on to your lower lid

Crease: Swiss Chocolate Take your blending brush and sweep swiss chocolate across your crease

Crease 2: Brownscript  this shadow has an orange undertone which I love to blend slightly above my crease towards my highlight area.

Deep Crease: Handwritten apply this to your outter crease.



My new favorite Lip to finish up the look. Nicki Minaj Viva Glam


Valentines Day Makeup Idea

February 8, 2012

Happy Valentines Day! Lets celebrate love by doing fun pink eyeliner! I love this! one of my favorites that I have done!!!

So I created this look using a couple different eyeliners going from a light pink down to a bright red pink! To finish this look I used Salon Perfects eyelashes. So many of you ask what lashes I’m using or where I got them from. You guys would be surprised! I don’t use very expensive lashes on a daily bases because i feel like it is pointless! Why not get an inexpensive lash that is just as durable and last just as long! So I tried these lashes (Salon Perfect, which I found out you can only purchase them from a Wal-Mart) during Christmas and I just love them! They are comfortable and I can reuse them a few times! :)

Watch the video below to see how I got this fun Valentines Day Look!

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Alana Dawn!!


Soft Brown Smokey Eye

February 7, 2012

Here is a soft brown smokey eye I did. Its a super natural eye that you can wear on or off the red carpet. This is the type of smokey eye that you can wear everyday! I used only 3 colors and it take only a few minutes to do. So if you say you dont have time to do your makeup in the morning watch this tutorial and it will change your mind! haha


Hope you guys like the video! See you guys in the next one.


Alana Dawn

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Black Glitter Smokey Eye

January 11, 2012

Black Glitter Smokey Eye



What I used! :)

Base: White clown cake (Krylon)
Lid: Silver (Mehron)
Crease: Carbon (MAC)
Crease2: Copperplate (MAC) on top of carbon
Highlight: Nylon (MAC)

Glitter: reflects silver glitter (MAC)

Liner: Blacktrack (MAC)
waterline: smolder (MAC)

Lashes: Salon Perfect


Watch more video tutorials on my youtube channel,




Alana Dawn