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Metallic Silver

May 30, 2013

Who wants to see a tutorial for this look?!! 

I used Ardell Double Up Lashes #203 to get this look! 


Come back tomorrow to see the full tutorial! 

Love Always, 

Alana Dawn 

Beauty Tips, DIY, Hair/MakeUp

Romantic Look

May 17, 2013

Romantic Eyes

I love how soft this look turned out.I have a tutorial for this look that I will post soon .Hopefully by the end of the day. Feeling real sick today and I gotta get better for our makeup class on Sunday. 

Have a great day!! See you guys soon. 


Alana Dawn 

Beauty Tips, DIY, Hair/MakeUp

Blue Eyeshadow Tutorial

May 16, 2013

Tutorial Thursdays

If you guys have been following me i LOVE doing colored eye shadow looks that are wearable. 

I also applies 2 different lashes to the same look so you can see the difference between a dramatic lash and a natural lash.

1. Apply an eyeshadow base all over your lid. I used painterly from MAC. This is a good base that you can use with any eye shadow color.

2. Take a black shadow, I used The black shadow from the Naked2 palette from Urban Decay but you can use any brand you have. Create a V shape at the outer corner of your eye.

3. With a blending brush apply a soft brown shadow to blend the colors together. I used texture from MAC.

4. Now with a flat brush apply Parrot Shadow from MAC right next to the black shadow. Note: apply only to the bottom half of your lid, don’t go above the crease.   

5.Usng a dark black kohl pencil apply it to your waterline. I used Smolder from MAC.  

6. Then create a winged eyeliner using urban decays 24/7 liquid eyeliner, perversion.

7.  Apply Lashes to your lash line. In the photo above I used  Double up Lashes #205 from Ardell Lashes


Im using more of a Natural Lash on the photo below. 

These are the lashes used in the photo above, I LOVE that they have more lashes on the end of the lash. Ardell Lashes Edgy #401 

And for those of you who ask what colors I use on the Anastasia Pro Palette. I use the darker color on the “dark brown” combo to line the bottom part of my brow and the darker color on the “strawburn” combo to fill in my brow. 

Beauty Tips, DIY, Hair/MakeUp

Tutorial Tuesdays

May 14, 2013

Tutorial Tuesdays!

Hello Ladies and Gents!!

I posted this look on my instagram a few days ago for my Mothers Day Look,

I finally have time to write out what I used.

1. After applying a shadow primer all over your lid you are going to want to use Naked Pigment from MAC right below your brows.

2. Using a blending brush you are going to want to softly brush Saddle from MAC across your crease.

3. Then you are going to highlight the center of your lid with Naked Pigment using a flat brush.

4. With a pencil brush, take sketch eyeshadow from MAC and brush it across your lower lid right below your lash line. You can also blend into your water line like I did or you can use a brown eyeliner.

5. Using Urban Decay Cosmetics liquid eyelinerextend the liner past your lid creating a winged liner. Then Apply bombshell lashes from House of Lashes.


Face Makeup

Contour and Highlight

I am using Studio Fix Fluid NC 35 all over my face

Highlight: with NC20 Full Coverage Concealer from MAC 

Contour: NC50 Full Coverage Concealer From MAC 


I wanted a matte finish so I used embrace me lip liner

from MAC all over my lips. 

I hope you guys enjoyed this. Let me leave me feed back on my instagram or youtube!! I would love to hear back what you want to see next!!!


Alana Dawn 


Day 3 of Nume

April 26, 2013

Day 3 on my NUME wand

Today is my 3rd day of the same curls from my NUME wand. On the first day of curls my hair looks similar to the photo below, the curls are tighter.As the days go on my curls loosen and start to look like a natural beach wave.

The trick… I brush my hair with my fingers and use dry shampoo to keep it fresh. I don’t like to wash my hair everyday because it strips it from its natural oils and it also takes forever to do. haha

To see how i use my NUME WAND click here.  

Back view of my curls, love how my curls look the 2nd and 3rd day. 

 Love you guys!

Yours Truly, 

Alana Dawn 


Prom Look 2013

April 25, 2013
Prom Look #1
Makeup of the Day
If you guys have been following me you obviously know I love makeup with a pop of color.I did the above makeup look using this palette from Urban Decay (click here)
I showed you the colors I used and placement in the photos above.
Prep: Apply Painterly paint pot from MAC all over your lid to keep your shadow from creasing, and it will brighten up the shadow as well. 
1.  Apply Maui Wowe shadow to the center of your lid with a flat brush. 
2. on your inner crease apply grifter, you can mix in a bit of last call to brighten up the pink. 
3. Apply chopper to your upper crease blending the colors together. 
4. Next apply polyester bride to the highlight, right below your eyebrows using a flat brush. 
5. Using a pencil brush, take mildew and smoke it out right below your lower lash line. 
6. Take Oil Slick and apply it to the outer corner of your eye, on your top and lower lid. 
7. Apply House of lashes in Noir Fairy using DUO
8. Then shape and shade your brows using Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Genius and Pro Palette. 
Lipliner: Embrace Me from MAC line and slightly fill them in 
Lipstick: Pink Nouveaufrom MAC 
Gloss: Apply Angel Lipglass from MAC just to the center of your lips. 
Face makeup is all Belleto Studio Airbrush Foundation! (F3 and F5) 
What do you think? leave a comment on what look you want to se next :) or find me on instagram @alanadawn
Beauty Tips, DIY, Hair/MakeUp

Review: Belletto Studio

April 24, 2013

Belleto Studio Review 

I finally have time to write about the Belleto Studio System. Above is a photo of how my foundation turned out after using the Belleto Airbrush System. 

I used colors F3 for my whole face and F5 where you would contour to give my face some definition. I like how the foundation turned out, it gives you a matte finish almost like you set it with powder. 

The application is easy, you place a few drops into the cup of the system and you spray it on, I like to spray my foundation on when the dial is on med, then slowly release the product onto my face in a circular motion so that the product gets placed evenly. 

The photo above was taken after 5 hours of wear. What do you think?

to purchase use the promo code “alanadawn” (lowercase)

until next time, 

Alana Dawn 

Beauty Tips, DIY, Hair/MakeUp

Natural Soft Look

April 15, 2013

Makeup of the Day:

Since all of you wanted to know these colors here they are :)
The colors and steps are very simple.

Step 1: Apply Amber lights from MAC all over your lid with a flat brush

Step 2: The softly brush soft brown across your crease with a blending brush.

Step 3: Apply rice paper from MAC on your highlight. 

Step 4: finish the eyes by applying house of lashes in the style bombshell to your lash line. 



I did my brows using the Anasatasia brow genius kit.


Apply Lady Danger all over your lips and use a dab of

clear gloss right on the center of your lips. 

Beauty Tips, DIY, Hair/MakeUp

DIY “heroine” lipstick

April 9, 2013

I have yet to get “heroine” lipstick from MAC so I decided to mix colors to make a color similar to it. 



1. Take a deep plum lip liner, I used Vino from MAC, line your lips and slightly fill them in. 

2. I took a purple liner  (24/7 glide on from Urban Decay)  and filled the rest of my lips in. 

3. Then I took a bright pink lipstick, Impassioned from MAC and dabbed it to the center of my lips. 

4. Optional: Apply clear lipglass to your lips. 


or buy buy heroine lipstick from here.


Steps on my eye makeup are on a previous post.



Salon Perfect Giveaway!

April 9, 2013


Contest Time


OMG!!! There is a chance to win a full collection of these lashes!! I just posted about lashes like these last week!!! You can win some lashes if you enter here.  I hope you all can add these to your collection oflashes because these have got to be one of my favorites. :) 

Here are a few pictures pictures of the lashes!



Alana Dawn