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Empower and Pamper, Heart Beats, Influence: Where's Your "heart"?

Empower & Pamper Paul Mitchell Pasadena

July 6, 2016

Another successful event! July 1 we were able to talk with the graduating future professionals of Paul Mitchell Pasadena.  It was inspiring to inspire these amazing individuals. After the workshop, we got asked advice and were able to give hope. Our workshops are about having a positive mindset, goal setting and creating like minded individuals to keep ourselves and each other accountable of our goals. We created a custom workbook to keep us all in a constant state of growth!

Thank you so much Paul Mitchell Pasadena for having us!!

If you’re interested in our events, please feel free to contact us

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Empower and Pamper, Hair/MakeUp, Influence: Where's Your "heart"?

Empower and Pamper

May 7, 2015

This past Saturday, May 2nd, we had our first women’s Empower & Pamper event. We were able to team up with Dawn from First Love Church in Costa Mesa. We had close to 40 women in need attend.

Our goal is to Empower & Pamper; Give back what we can with our beauty skills as well as strengthening the heart and mind.

We started the day with some songs from Jenn Dietz. An uplifting message from our good friend Loli, she is such an amazing woman! Not only is she a beautician & mortician, she spends her time uplifiting & strengthening women in prisons and affected by sex trafficking. So grateful for her time with us! We also had a lash bar, polish bar and braids/curls bar. Super thankful for all of our friends that helped out with our event and giving their time and skill to these women.

Thank you to Grace Pae, Karissa, Kim Le, Penelope Vazquez, Jessica Kreuger, Loli, Dawn & her husband & Chelsea and to Bonita Colors, Duo Adhesive and Salon Perfect for donating goodies!

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Empower & Pamper video