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Beauty Tricks: White Eyeliner

April 4, 2013

Beauty Tip of the Day:

four of many things you can do with white eyeliner. 

1. Use white liner as a guide to shape and shade your brows, Shape your brows anyway you want using white eyeliner. Tweeze all the unnecessary hair outside of the white eyeliner. Then you shade in your brows using anastasia brow genius. I love this product!!! You mix in a water proof product so your brows stay looking perfect ALL day!

2. Use white eyeliner as a highlight right below your brow, shade in the white pencil and blend it out using a short blending brush. 

3. Use white eyeliner in your waterline to open up your eyes more. see the difference from the photo above?! I shaded a natural matte brown below my water line to clean up the look. 

4. Use white eyeliner on the inner corner of your eye (the tear duct) to brighten up your eyes!!

And FINISH this look by using House of lashes Noir Fairy 

Heart Always!

Alana Dawn

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