Soft Touch Permanent Makeup Review

November 25, 2014

unnamedWhat is Soft Touch Permanent Makeup? It’s probably the best permanent eyebrow service ever offered!! lol Just saying since I got it done and am so in love with the result so I want to share with you all my experience.

I recently discovered an artist, Sharon Vu Watari, that offers this service. Been stalking her Instagram @spabymode and every new picture she posted reassured my decision to have her service.

So what exactly is Soft Touch Permanent Makeup?

It’s a makeup tattoo service that will last up to 3-5 years depending on one’s skin type, lifestyle and body chemistry. A maintenance is recommended every year or so to maintain color and shape. The technique Sharon uses is proprietary, but she can say it is heavily based on shading techniques that can be best described as ombre. These techniques are derived from her art background where she was able to excel in pencil drawings. Sharon is truly an artist in her craft!

The Process: I did a consultation first and highly recommend that before you book your appointment. You get to meet your artist and get introduced to the whole process. In the consultation Sharon doesn’t do your eyebrows then, she just checks out what you have and recommends what she thinks. Then on the day of, she’ll take pictures of how you normally do your eyebrows if you did do them yourself, and pictures of your eyebrows without makeup.

The part where she starts sketching in your new eyebrows, she is constantly  making sure your posture is upright and even. When she’s done sketching, she gives you some time to check if you like what she did. If there are any concerns or changes just let her know! I was taking a million selfies to make sure I loved my new brows. After you’re happy with her work, she mixes color thats best for you.  Then starts her ombre shading technique on your eyebrows. I went straight through without any breaks. The tattooing was very tolerable and was very worth the minor discomfort. The whole service from sketching the eyebrows temporarily to tattooing them on was a little less than 2 hours for me.

At first the eyebrows will appear thick and dark, within a day or two it’ll lighten up and thin out to look more natural.

So happy with the result!!


Spa By Mode- Sharon Vu Watari


9876 Bolsa Ave.
Westminster, CA 92683

xoxo Azelle

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