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July 22, 2014

Just want to share my new favorite shower duo!! I love skincare. Anything that’ll make my skin soft! Love it so much I jump around. That can be a good thing and a bad thing. I’ll Jump around and try multiple items. But not long enough to notice long term results ….anyway my two favorite shower duos are…..

1) shower sponge. You can get it at target or at it replicates sea sponges. Scrubs the top layer of your skin, just enough to get if of dry skin and not too abrasive to ruin your skin texture.

2) Nubian Honey and Black Seed Oil with apricot oil. Reparative. Soothing. Healing.
Loving this!!! Black seed oil is high in anti oxidants, honey is rich in conditioners. Together with apricot oil it has natural enzymes, amino acids, and proteins to boost the skins ability to heal, repair and retain moisture.

After using these two together, my skin instantly felt sooooo smooth. Not just for the day like most body washes. My skin felt so soft and moisturized until my next shower!
Xoxo Azelle


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