Spotlight: Semi Sumo by Bumble and Bumble

November 12, 2012

Have you ever played around with Bumble and Bumble products? It’s just amazing. Working in salon and outside events, I use a lot of their styling products and it really does its job and then some! I’m so excited to share and try out their newest product, SemiSumo. “Strong on shine, Soft on hold An elegant pomade for double-edged effects”


All about Semisumo:
This elegant pomade is strong on shine and soft on hold with six simple ingredients (and one fantastic fragrance). Designed to finish styles that need calming down or polishing up, Semisumo provides workability and definition without weighing hair down. Controls frizz and improves manageability.

This perfect balancing act of oils and waxes offers high shine and low hold. Microcrystailine Wax and Beeswax provide definition and detail, shape and control. Canola Oil and Coconut Oil provide a high shine finish.

All hair types and texture, especially medium to coarse. Suitable for color treated and/or chemically processed hair.

Semisumo is a finishing product for use on dry hair, and when used alone, gives polish and control. Layer under Hair Powders to help them adhere for a matte effect, or layer over any foundation product (Styling Lotion, Thickening Hairspray, Styling Creme) for more control. Use on medium to long hair after a blow dry to calm, tame frizz and control, or smooth into an updo to add polish and definition. Use on short hair for detailing.

Spread through fingers, work through dry hair to tame, define, detail and add shine.
• Use to calm down a blow dry done with Thickening Hairspray
• Layer under Hair Powder as a base for the powders to adhere to
• Use after Spray de Mode to loosen any updo

Key Ingredients
Microcrystalline Wax and Beesewax (Cera Alba): These ingredients Provide definition for detailing and shaping.
Canola Oil and Cocos Nucifera (Coconut) Oil: This combination of natural oils helps to provide shine and lustre.

xoxo Azelle

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