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Secrets of Successful Women Entrepreneurs: Shefali Khanna of Daily Look

February 12, 2015


I just came home from this awesome networking event I had to share right away. My friend and fellow artist, Naomi, invited me to StilettoGal’s event. So basically, Hillary Gadsby, is the founder of Stiletto Gal. Stiletto Gal is a “multimedia platform to empower and connect women in business and inspire young girls to be entrepreneurs.” How awesome is that?!

Stiletto Gal has monthly events and invites successful women entrepreneurs to share their story and tips to help out. We all have different passions, different business ideas,  and although we may think that we need to stick with the same industry to be inspired or learn, Stiletto Gal thinks other wise. We can learn from all successful women. And it did feel good to be in a room full of inspired women sharing their stories and passion.

Tonights event was held at 41 Ocean Club: 1541 Ocean Ave. Santa Monica

It starts at 6pm, you get a free cocktail ticket and you can hang out for an hour because the guest speaker isn’t on until 7pm. Starting at 7, Hillary interviews the guest speaker then at the end, the guests have time for Q&A, then network and meet each other after.

Tonights guest was Shefali Khanna, cofounder of Daily Look She shares her story of how she got started, what to look for in a partner, what to look for in your team, what the customers want, Core values/work ethic/passion, “eliminate self doubt”, and most importantly DON’T QUIT ….You best believe I took notes!

Definitely check out Hillary’s events: www.StilettoGal.com

IG: @thestilettogal


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xoxo Azelle

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