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Rainbow Eyeliner

January 23, 2013

So here it is…. I know… I have seen this done a few times before but have never tried it myself. I have been sent this request a few times and finally decided to get it done. I should have done a video but didn’t have time for it. So i did a step by step pictorial instead. :)  

First you gotta find colored eye pencils. I have a few different brands in my kit. It doesn’t really matter the brand you just need this to make the color stand out. I would say you can find the most colors at NYX and they are pretty inexpensive. You would need these colors, pink, red, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple and white. 

1. Starting at the inner corner of your eye apply the pink pencil liner. 

2-4 apply red, orange and yellow the same way. the yellow should end right past the center of your eye. 

5-7 apply green, blue, and purple. The purple should be at the winged part of the eyeliner.

apply the same color eyeshadow on top of the eyeliner to set the liner. 

8. This is how the eyeliner should look. It shouldn’t be perfect.

9. You want to take a flat brush with some gentle eye makeup remover and clean up the edges. This will make the eyeliner look sharp!

10. Apply white eye liner in your water line. This will bright up your eye and make the colors appear more vibrant. 

11.Then you want to apply a very thin coat of liquid eye liner onto your upper lash line. I used boot black eyeliner from MAC.

12. To finish up your look apply your eyelashes! I used Andrea lashes #43

13. This is your FINAL look!!! 

Here are different angles! I hope you love this! taking request subscribe to my youtube channel here

and instagram @alanadawn and @ladyartlooks

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