Product review: Clear Pore cleanser/mask Neutrogena

July 19, 2013

Tonight’s spotlight is on Clear Pore cleanser/Mask by Neutrogena

I’m so glad I found this! I tend to breakout every now and then and needed a mild cleanser but will fight acne. I found this cleanser at target for around $5 I totally fell in love that its a 2 in 1: cleanser and mask!

As a cleanser: you can definitely feel the tingly cooling mintyness of it. Does pretty well in cleaning my makeup off too.

As a mask: leave it on for the recommended time of 5 min! I thought I can leave it in longer, but no! My cheeks were bright red after rinsing lol. So 5 minutes is perfect. It will start tightening and turning white. After you rinse off, with warm water to break it down, your skin definitely feels clean!!!

Comment & Let me know if you’ve tried it!!




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