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Post Thanksgiving Detox!

November 26, 2011

I hope everyone had a fun time during thanksgiving. Feels so good to come together with your loved ones and eat eat eat! I’m sure we ate more than we wanted to. Who could resist a full meal, drinks and leftovers? But in the back of my mind i knew I had to detox! LoL

When would be the best day to detox?
The day after thanksgiving still feels like thanksgiving bc of all the left overs.
But saturday I felt was the perfect day to detox. Remember you are what you eat and I sure felt the food fill me up and break me out.

Here are some helpful at home tips:
-drink ginger tea to help with digestion
-oatmeal is really high in insoluble fiber to help things moving
– drink plenty of water to help the body digest and eliminate waste
-carrot sticks, high in soluble fiber, fills you up helps in digestion
-exercise! Sweating will definitely release toxins from your skin
Releasing toxin gets back your healthy glow!
xoxo Azelle


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