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Physician Formula BB Cream Review

January 16, 2014




So I purchased this a few months ago. I actually did a review on it already. But at that point I never tried

Physicians Formula BB Cream  Pressed Powder. BTW the photo above is unedited so you can see the true coverage of the BB cream.

Yesterday I decided to try something new.

I wanted to review a product that was inexpensive and easy to purchase. So I picked these items.


This is said to be the ALL in ONE  “Miracle Cream”

Now if you are looking for a natural Dewy finish then this is the product for you.

First I applied the “all in one” BB cream all over my face. I purchase the Medium/Deep color but wish I got the

Light/Medium now because its not summer and my skin tone is 4 shades lighter.


I set the BB cream with this BB pressed powder and it really gave my skin a nice finish.

It looked flawless! something I was not expecting. I expected it to look chalky for some reason. But this product

laid on my skin so nicely it looked so natural.


So then I tried this bronzer. I love how it has SPF 20 on it, but does it really work that way?

I need to look into more research about this, because that is AMAZING!

I really liked the color of it right when I applied it but I noticed as the

hours flew by the bronzer started to fade away. But the good thing is…. I do know that they have

another bronzer  >here<  that works wonders. This is how they explain it on their site…

“Revolutionary Italian technology combines the best features of powder, baked and cream bronzers for the most stunning bronze glow. Delivers a skin-perfecting finish unlike any other bronzer, we had to call it “Deluxe”!

After using it several time I will have to agree that it melts into your skin giving you a natural glow! :)


BTW they sell the Beauty Balm Makeup Kit that has all the products I just described in one package which is a little cheaper.

check out Physicians Formula >here<


-Alana Dawn 

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