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New Years Look

January 2, 2014


Happy New Year to you all! I posted my New Years Day Look last night and got so many responses!!! (THANK YOU) So I decided to write out exactly what I used. :)


To get this look I used the Anastasia Lavish Palette. You can get it off their site.


1. To keep your eyeshadow into place use painterly paint pot from MAC all over your lid.

2. Then place “cream” shadow all over your lower lid.

3. Take “sienna” shadow and apply it to your crease using a blending brush.

4. Right above your crease use “orange soda” with the same blending brush.

5. Then use the Anastasia covet black eyeliner on your waterline, smoke it out with a pencil brush, using the “truffle” shadow.

6. Finish the look using #403 lashes from Ardell Lashes.


I used Anastasia’s new dip brows in “chocolate”


Line your lips with night moth from MAC and shade in the corners.

Fill in your lip with Rebel from MAC.


This is a New Begging !!! Happy New Year! I love you ALL!!! -AlanaDawn

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