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June 6, 2011

A trial I did for Ms. Allison, she is now married and I did her wedding a couple weeks ago :)

Bride to be Ms. Allison Kornberg pitched this brilliant idea to follow her in her wedding planning and have people vote on how she would plan her special day to the Los Angeles Times.  Los Angeles Times obviously loved the idea and it began her journey. She now has been Engaged for 185 Days and was ready for her 1st makeup trial, I was honored when she asked me to come and do her makeup. When I asked what she wanted, she said that she loved makeup but wants to look natural when her soon to be husband sees her walk down that aisle.  So I did her makeup and used colors that brought out her bright green eyes, see what I did here. Please follow her in her Journey and check out her blog for the Los Angeles Times at .


Alana Dawn

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