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Modified Victorian Rolls Hair Tutorial

February 11, 2013

Looks pretty difficult but actually really easy! To get this look, hair length around the mid back would be perfect just to create the buns in the back. If you have shorter hair, you’ll get a different variation of the twisted bun in the back, still cute though!

So it’s pretty much like the Victorian Rolls/Victory Rolls with a modern twist. Try it out!

1) Part hair down the middle or side and twist back 

2) Keep twisting hair back to the nape, leave the rest of the hair hanging

It should be a big fat twist

3) Secure the twists with bobby pins

4) Continue the twist with the hair left hanging all the way to the end

5) Twist in a bun

6) Secure the bun with bobby pins

7) Repeat steps 1-6 on the left side

Here are options for the final look: 

The top left, the buns are smaller. 

The top right, spread out the buns to make them bigger


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