Makeup Monday- Red Lips

December 8, 2014


Happy Monday Everyone!
I wanted to show you how to get your red lips to last longer throughout the day.

I start out by lining my lips with lip liner


Then Go ahead and fill in your entire lip, top and bottom with the liner.


Finally go over your lips with your red lipstick and you are ready to enjoy your perfectly red pout!


I know some people may be scared of red lipstick, I know I always was. The key to the perfect red lipstick is finding the right shade to match your skin tone. Below is a quick guide to help you find your perfect shade. Keep in mind that this is just a standard guide and you can wear any shade of red lipstick that you love!

Skin Type:                                                                                        Best Shade Of Red:

Porcelain- Very Light Skin with cool undertones                                A Cool Red with Hints of Plum

Fair- Light skin with cool undertones                                              A Cool Red

Beige- Light to Medium Skin with Yellow undertones                       A Warm Red

Olive- Light to Medium skin with greenish undertones                     A Warm Red

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Karissa Sig


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