Makeover Monday: Virgin Hair to Dramatic Ombre

May 27, 2013

From Virgin Hair to a Dramatic Ombre

Meet my lovely client. She has been coming to me for years just for hair cuts. Then one day she finally said “Okay lets do the ombre color I’ve been seeing!” So I said “Lets do it!” My initial choice was to do some subtle pieces to ease her in to color, but nope she wanted it to be obvious and dramatic. She has been hesitant to color her hair or change because of the fear that she won’t be able to maintain it, she’s a working mom of 3! But now she was ready! Ombre is such a great choice for a low maintenance color. I’ll describe the cut, the color and the style:

The Cut: She has heavy hair but likes it long, so i’ll clean up the ends and add medium length layers perfect enough to remove weight and add style. No fringe, less maintenance!

The Color: Lifted her natural color and add a warm gloss to tone and add plenty of shine

The Style: Added quick beach waves all throughout her hair with 1 1/4 inch Hot tools curling iron 

xoxo Azelle

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