Makeover Monday: Red Violet All Over

August 5, 2013

Red Violet All Over!

My client normally comes in just for hair cuts then we started doing color, something of low maintenance. So we did a few ombre piece, nothing too dramatic so she can wear it out for a while. This time, when Stacey came in, she wanted a change. Stacey sent me a bunch of different versions of red color. Mostly leaning toward red violets. I love red violets!! Here is the final look! Hope you like it!

The Cut: Trimmed the ends just a bit to keep length but enough to remove dry ends. Lots of layers

and shorter layers towards the face

The Color: Red violet highlights all through out her head, alternating different brightness of the red violet

The Style: I used all “Seven Products“, Boost for volume and hold all throughout her hair, and Encore hairspray for medium hold

xoxo Azelle

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