Love from The Youth Will Grow

April 12, 2010


Whatever your art is, be impressed with what you do everyday


Thank you for the love Kelly Kel! 

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They are about REAL TALK:

Changing the world is hard but changing the world through one blog is even harder. I think if you inspire people, than you have accomplished a lot.

I write for the real, I write for the good, I write because you need to read.

There are so many things happening with todays youth. Corporations are ruling everything beautiful, televisions are ruining beautiful minds, celebrity buzz are ruining peoples lives. I want to take the attention away from the limelight and reflect it back to what is important: buying from independent designers/artists, buying food from local farmers/farmer markets, reaching out to young youth and giving back, giving back in general, listening to music that has positive messages, reading about true news not your local channel 5 news because newscaster are all paid actors

-Kelly Kel

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