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Let’s DIY- At Home Sugar Body Scrub

November 28, 2011

This project couldn’t have been easier!
Check your kitchen for Sugar, oil, and Vanilla

Sugar- brown, white, raw-depending on the size of the grain you want as a scrub

Oil- I chose grape seed oil for it’s great benefits! An antioxidant, locks in moisture, great for all skin types, easily absorbs in skin, helping fight free radicals and stop some enzymes that destroy collagen: meaning inhibits fine lines!

Vanilla extract is optional- I found that it helped smooth out the consistency of the scrub, depending on the amount and gave a nice scent.

Step 1: Add your desired amount of sugar in container

Step 2: Slowly add in oil, keep mixing until you have your desired consistency. I like mine with enough oil to be able to easily rub on my skin. I kept getting a little bit of the mixture and rubbing it on my hand.

Step 3: A couple drops of vanilla
…and you’re done!

Benefits:  very healing for people with skin conditions such as psoriasis or eczema
-exfoliate the skin and deep cleanse it.
-all-over body scrub and polisher.
-alpha-hydroxy rich to give you glowing skin.
– promote the growth of a healthier; more uniformly colored and textured skin.
-no harsh side effects.
-great for all skin types, especially dry to very dry skin.
-hydrate skin without clogging pores and are absorbed completely in one minute.
-have been shown to stimulate and circulate lymph fluids.
-wonderful for soothing the skin after shaving.
-can replace many skin care products, such as those rough pumice stones.
-act as an exfoliate of dead skin before self tanning, also hydrates the skin, which prevents excessive self tanning being absorbed in those key areas like knees, ankles, and elbows.
-safe enough for frequent use and are non-abrasive enough for everyday use, even for your face, yet the exfoliative agents and oils are strong enough to work wonders on even the toughest, roughest skin.
-can quickly help heal blemishes, absorb the dirt and oil from pores, and balance the natural oils in the skin.
-can soften even rough, chapped, calloused man-hands after only a few uses.
-no need for a separate cleanser and a separate moisturizing product.

Isn’t it great to know you are able to Do It Yourself?

xoxo Azelle

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