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January 26, 2010
















We are going to be working on hair that is out of the shower, toweled dry damp, not soaking, dripping wet.

1. Prep hair with Bumble and Bumble Thickening Spray -Spray all over roots to ends. Cocktail with Bumble and Bumble Styling Creme- from mid shaft to ends. This will create a medium amount of texture, not too heavy but enough to have a good hold.



2. Blow dry brushing hair from crown and forward, so hair will be on your face. This will create some volume. Continue to blowdry the rest of your hair until dry and also catering the blowdry to a middle part.

blowdry forward

3. When Completely dry, and hair is parted down the middle, Section hair from above ear to neck all around. This is your first section you will curl. With in that section divide hair in vertical pieces and curl with a 1 inch iron away from face.

section hair

4. Drop the section from crown to ear and repeat step 3. Taking 1 inch curling iron and wrapping hair away from face.

curl away from face

Lastly, spray with a light hair spray and run fingers through to break up curls and give a softer look

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