How to Shape and Shade in your Eyebrows.

September 2, 2011

I obviously do not have perfect eyebrows, do you see that before and after picture?! But I do get asked all the time what I use and how I do my eyebrows so I am going to show you all how I do it!

Eyebrows are very important! They can change the whole shape of your face.

There are a few steps but they are pretty simple steps and I know you all can do it. Once you get used to doing your brows all the time it will only take a minute to do them like this.

Face Shapes and tips on how to shape your brows:

Long Face:

A flat, horizontal brow makes the face appear more oval shaped .

Worst brow shape is thin high arched eyebrows, they will make your face look even longer.

Round Face:

A high arch, angled brow looks best, this will give your face shape a thinner appearance.

Worst shape: Round thin eyebrows, this will only make the face appear rounder.

Square Face:

Angled or curved brows with a sharp point to take attention away from the square jaw line.

Oval Face:

This is considered the perfect shape, (everyone is perfect to me!) maybe because you can have a few different shapes.

one thing to avoid is having too highly arched brows.

Heart Face:

Rounded brows look the best.

Flat straight brows arent the best for this face shape.

Diamond Face:

Angled, round or curved brows with a peak to narrow the wide cheek bones look best.

A flat brow look worst for this face shape.



Alana Dawn

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