How To Get Easy Sexy Beach Waves

May 13, 2014

beach waves before and afterHere’s a quick tutorial on how to get easy, sexy beach waves. How to go from the left picture, straight, to loose fun beach waves.

easy sexy beach waves tutorial


Before getting started, prep your hair with heat protectant

1) Part your hair down the middle, or side, whichever is the most natural for you, and leave out the bottom section of your hair, by the nape around the bottom ear, clip up the rest of your hair

2) Take a piece from the hair you left down, Hold the end of your hair and start wrapping on the curling iron . Wrap the hair on the curling iron away from your face. Finish this whole side of your head. Removing the clip to release more hair until you reach the top. Don’t worry about the size of sections you’re taking. The more random, various sizes the better lived in sexy beach waves you’ll get

3) Repeat on the opposite side

4)Once your head is all curled, flip your head upside down, or loosen your hair from the nape

5) Take random pieces, hold the end of your hair with one hand, the other hand will be teasing the hair from the end to the roots. This will create a very textured look

….and now you have easy sexy beach waves

Finish the look with my new favorite product. Kenra Professional Dry Texturizing Spray

kenra dry texturizing sprayWhat’s to Love: it has amazing amount of texture, has a matte finish, smells yummy, great for this sexy beach wave look, for stylists this is great for updos, it gives silky fine hair lots of texture

How to use: it’s aerosal, spray on dry hair, from roots to ends

Who’s it for: anyone wanting texture in their life!

xoxo Azelle 


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