Heatless Holiday Hairstyle Tutorial

December 22, 2014

heatless holiday hairstyleholiday hair tutorial


Need a super quick hairstyle for your Holiday party? Like super quick you don’t have time to curl your hair? Ok well this hairstyle is perfect for medium length (a little longer than shoulders) to super long mid back length. And all you need is a large elastic hairband.

I found this hairstyle a while back and came in real handy. Alana and I did a beautiful wedding photoshoot at a park, yes at a park, meaning we did not have any outlets for curling irons or blowdryers. This hairstyle worked out and looked so beautiful in the shoot. hairstyle above was for the shoot at the park with the talented ArinaB Photography Add some jewelry to it and it looks even more gorgeous.

Let me break down the picture tutorial for you

1) Have your hair at it’s natural state. If you need some texture because it’s just too silky, spray some dry shampoo all throughout

2) Place elastic headband over your hair, leave your front (ear to ear) section out. Pieces around your hair line and fringe area.

3) With the hair in the back, take a medium amount of hair, starting from one side, hold the end of the hair

4) and from the end of the hair roll it in toward the band. Tuck in the hair inside the band

5) Continue step 4 with the remaining hair

6) Play around with how it looks. Pull some pieces out for volume. Make your rolled hair larger looking by gently pulling it. Not too hard because you don’t want to pull it from the band. For the most part, your hair should be secure in the band

How fast and easy was that?! And it looks super cute!

Try it and let us know what you think

Xoxo Azelle

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