Good Bye Jersey Shore

January 25, 2010


So this weekend my sis in law (not official, but she’s a sister to me, haha) Marina, were in the kitchen talking. All I remember was we were talking like we knew these people, OMG… he is so good to her and she is so rude, I can’t believe she did that to him, but they were cute together, I can’t believe they have only been together for a month, you think they are going to stay together? and all of a sudden my boyfriend walks into the room and asked “who are you talking about?” “umm Ronnie and Sammie” and thats when I realized that my life has been corrupted by the Jersey Shore. hahaha

I know were not the only ones right??? I’m gonna miss the fist pumping, Guidos, and Guidettes. I can’t wait for the next one! what am I going to do on Thursday nights now?


BTW I found this while I was trying to find a picture of Sammie and Ronnie together, it better not be real! Jersey Shore is definitely entertaining but who really gets these tattoos?

And if you missed the Reunion and don’t know what Im talking about you can watch it below.

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