Empower & Pamper

Alana and I created Empower and Pamper in 2015, as a way of giving back, doing more than what meets the eye. We realized throughout our beauty journey while we were finding ourselves, how important it is to have the right mindset. We only have this 1 life, so why not do what we love and do the best in it. In the words of a super talented artist, Lauryn Hill, “How you gonna win if you aint right within?” We believe in love, beauty, growth and most of all positivity. It all becomes a trickle effect, when you are happy and so in love with yourself and your life, others will be so happy and in love with their lives too. In the bigger picture a better world for us to live in. In our workshops, we created a custom workbook to help keep us grow in our journey, how to ┬áset goals, and have a positive mind. After working on the inside, we have a beauty team that will pamper you by getting your hair, makeup and/or nails done!

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