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Dramatic Red Hair Care Tips

February 24, 2014


Going from dark hair, natural or dyed, to a vibrant red, you will need to know how to take care of it. The change of color Will take some time so you want to be able to maintain it.

Red hair color, fades the fastest! It is bold and vibrant. Red hair color has bigger molecules so it doesn’t stay in the hair cuticle as long.

So how can you try to maintain it the best you can??

1) try not to wash after getting your hair done, wait 48 hours at least

2) Wash less. 2-3 times a week

3) when washing use Sulfate free shampoo/ conditioner. Shampoo with sulfate a scrub out hair color

4) Take cool showers. Hot water opens up your hair cuticle causing red color to fade out.

5) search for Invisible dry shampoo. Invisible because you don’t want the white chalky look, this also helps with absorbing oil so you don’t need to wash so often.

6) Uv protection products, sun damage causes hair color to fade and hair to dry out.

7) Use a temporary or semi permanent red color to add red back in yourself. Use alone or mix with your shampoo. Wear gloves! If you’re using alone leave on for a good 20min with shower cap.
I like this brand…..


Also no white pillow cases or towels


xoxo Azelle

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