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November 6, 2013



Custom Double UP Lashes


Last week I did a wedding for a client, I applied some

Demi Wispies from Ardell Lashes, 

but she was used to having more volume so I doubled them up with

402 Edgy Lashes from Ardell. 

Then I realized I created an amazing lash!!

These 2 look so beautiful together!! 

The best part is they are not heavy.

I wore them all day yesterday and they are super comfortable. 




Ardell Demi Wispies from Ardell Lashes



Ardell Edgy Lashes #402 




1. Remove them from the tray 



2. Lay them on top of each other and pinch the strip together. 

20131106-102721.jpg3. Apply a little bit of Duo and lay them on you lash line. 


This how you can easily create and customize the perfect lash for yourself!

Hope you enjoyed this beauty tip! Have a wonderful day!


Alana Dawn 


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