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Don’t Spend Your $

August 25, 2011

I have mixed emotions when summer comes to an end, I love going out to the beach, relaxing getting a tan alone or with some friends but cant wait for it to be cold so I can start wearing winter clothes and boots!

But when its time for winter you obviously don’t have as much sun so you tend to get about a shade or 2 lighter than you were in the summer. Instead of going out and buying a new foundation color, keep the same one and mix in some sunscreen!

(because I wouldn’t let you wear the same one, I hate when foundations don’t match and you can see a line from your jawbone to your neck)

(example: don’t do this! lol)

So…. SAVE YOUR MONEY,  KEEP the same dark foundation, by mixing in a little bit of sunscreen. You can lighten up your foundation up to 2 shades, keep a fresh clean looking face instead. :)

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