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DIY Nose Job

April 12, 2016

How to: Contour Your Nose Correctly


Contouring your nose can make a huge difference in your clients face and also yours.

I love being able to create structure and definition without having to actually get a nose job!!! lol

The power of Makeup!

At the bottom of the page you will find a complete step by step

video of how I contoured my nose. <3


thumbnail nose contour

Below are some of the products I used.

RCMA KA Concealer Palette. I used the color KA 2 fir the bridge of my nose.


I then defined it, drawing 2 lines on the side of my nose

using the darkest color of the Morphe Palette. mobr0002f_2_l

Blended out completely with a damp Beauty Blender.


Set the contour with Java from Anastasia Beverly Hills


And Also brightened the bridge of my nose using Starlight Highlighter from Anastasia Beverly Hills


 Here is a complete video! I hope you guys enjoyed this. Subscribe to my channel here.




Alana Dawn 






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